Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scam info and people

The Internet Fraud Advisory
If you use chat rooms and Web dating / matchmaking services, beware - West African fraudsters abound!

June '08 - , a warning. A person approached by the scammers via (Europe) complained to the company and made some suggestions about improving security for users. This is how she reports's reply: "according to their user terms they neither would nor could monitor or verify how their pages are used by their members. Members have to take full responsibility for themselves".( These names have been reported: fmseekinglove20, markbullock, nic_bent, hello247, kindnessofheart01, rickyricky4, daveseek1, jasonluv, sbennettluv22, treasure123, re Manchester, honestfeel119.)

"This man has been writing to me for some time now and tells me he lives here and is on a job site in Africa, Nigeria, he even sent me flowers and I called the pro-flowers and he used a stolen CC."
"That's when he asked for money via Western Union to pay for his flight home as he had no money left. He had a car crash on the way to his work site. He needed to pay lawyers bills, doctors bills etc. Anyway, he then moved on to ask for a loan as his company wouldn't let him leave the country, took his passport etc."

"he insisted that his "employer" would not pay him directly, but that he would have his "employer" mail me a check for the amount of $10,000. He told me that I could keep $1000 of this and simply deposit the entire check in my checking account and then mail $9000 to him. This was after much of his begging for me to wire him money via Western Union, give him my credit card or banking numbers, etc."
To illustrate the methods used by the dating site cheats I can do no better than quote some recent reports from people who have been approached by the criminals. You may well have arrived here because you very sensibly decided to carry out a search on a suspect name or location. Once you have read this page you will be able to decide if you have become a target of the fraudsters. NB The criminals are cunning and have been known to groom victims for months. They may not make a request for money (or the cashing of a forged cheque) in the early stages, but remember, they can be harvesting your personal details from day one. The pictures below, except where noted otherwise, are samples of those they pick up around the Web and use to establish their fake identities. If the real subjects get in touch, they can be removed on request. No doubt there are legitimate Internet dating services but the writer suspects that certain sites have been set up for the purpose of fraud. Please take care.

They steal pictures like these for use in the scams, but see the real pictures of fraud criminals in the section below ...

This is the sort of drivel you may receive: " Hello My Dearest, We immediately connected in such a way, that it lifted us above all else. Physically, it was so passionate, yet so spiritually uplifting... that's what "making love" is. It's spiritual, yet passionate, at the same time. Our intellectual, genuine approach of sincerity, and a pure and true appreciation for one another from when first we met was the purest form of affection that I have ever experienced. "
He asks for money to be sent to:

Real pictures of a busy dating site criminal, courtesy of an alert American.
He has used Smith Patrick, Smith Williams aka Ricky Williams aka William Curtis. Uses many accounts similar to these: live_to_die_7,, Uses names like these in his invented stories: Owoeye Daniel, Queen Aigbokhan, Eweseyi Akintunde, Quam Adigun, Ricky Travis, Olanrewaju Odusaga, Becky Williams, Nick Williams, Michael Dawodu, Odunayo Odulate, Ewebiyi Akintunde, Adebayo Daniel, Olatunji Alabede. Sends cheques with address: 39 Demurin St. And 120 Maryland St. Ketu Lagos. When in the guise of a female he uses rosesmith_rosesmith, Tola_Rose, Rose Smith, Alis_smith4luv, Yemijames4luv007, and RoseSmith. We want to know his real name and location. If you have any information please get in touch. (He obviously has a gender indentity issue, so you may see him dressed as a woman.)
Here is another individual you might have the misfortune to meet in a chat room. He has many aliases but we would like to know his real name.
You can report Yahoo chat abuse directly to Yahoo here. You can report to us via the address at the foot of the page.
This is how the criminals may introduce themselves:
(NB They will need to adopt a rather cosmopolitan persona for several reasons. First of all they need to establish a false location in case of future investigation. They need an excuse for the obvious mistakes of grammar, punctuation, spacing, capitalisation etc. which are common in their messages and exemplified in the sample below. Most of all, they need to prime victims for the sting - when they ask for money to be sent, via Western Union, to an overseas address.)

"I am a 27 year old single white female that has never been married, I was born and raised in winter haven, Florida. I'm a native america and 100 % cherokee tribe, I am in Nigeria currently, I lost my Dad when i was 2 years old and my Mom have always been taking care of me but i can do that on my own now..I Mom took me to Nigeria when she was transfer to Nigeria in her missionary work to Nigeria, that's what lead me to Nigeria and i use the influence to get my BA in Accounting in Nigeria, I have finished my colledge now thought i just concluded the BA but my Mom had move to belgium due to another re-transfer but i am still in Nigeria , I am currenly working as a sales girl in a Boutique and they sell female cloths only,I love my Job so much because it's base on commission payment and it's gives me time for other thing,though i don't earn much but i always've alot of free time.I do come to the state more often and the last time i come to the state was January and i spend 3 weeks in cypress motel , winter haven..that was my last trip out of Nigeria and place i have visited in my like are:auburn in NY.bedford in Texas.mocksville in NC,ganiesville in Geogia and winter haven is my birth place I love kids but do not currently have any of my own, but actively hoping that will change in the future. Most people would describe me as being a honest, trust- worthy and very dedicated person. I am very easy going, open-minded, and liberal person. I am a true romantic at heart and have a very sensitive and gentle disposition. Definitely not in to head games and always believe that honesty is the best policy. I am also a animal and nature lover.
As far as interests mine are many and varied. I am comfortable doing or trying anything at least once. I really love the outdoors, sports, health and fitness, reading, computers,etc. I am not much into the night club or bar scene. I am slightly more introverted than extroverted but am good at communicating one on one or in small groups. I have been told that I am an excellent listener and problem solver, which I think is a plus. If any of these characteristcs sound like what you are loooking for in a friend or mate, then feel free to get back intouch with me. Also do not be shy about asking any questions you have of me, that I may not have answered, because that is the only way we learn about one another. This're what I am looking for in a relationship, I am looking for honest,good looking,sexy,respectful,easy going, open-minded and trust-worthy person and beside I'm not looking for someone to live with, I'm looking for someone I can't live without and i'm also looking for someone, who can take as much as I give, give back as much as I need, and still have the will to live. my e-mail adress is, and my yahoo IM is maltababy2005 ..all this have tells more about me and if you have any question , you can ask me anythings.I look forward to hearing from you if you choose to respond back and like I said, I will answer whatever questions you still have, just ask. Take care and hope you are having a great day..."
A correspondent reports: "... she is asking for me to send a hand written letter saying how much I love her and that I want to marry her, I'm assuming that she needs this to get a visa."
They would like you to receive parcels. Many reputable companies will not deliver to Nigeria because of its world wide reputation for corruption and fraud. The criminals will therefore order goods using a stolen card, and ask that they be delivered to your address. They will ask you to send the goods on to Nigeria. There follows an example from July 2006:
Contact made via big Fake name Stan Duru, care109. Using , funcursleyc222, Has asked for goods (like cameras) to be sent to Alex Martins or Stan duru, 8 Obadina Street, adule oja, yaba, lagos, nigera 23401. Pretends this is an orphanage. Tel. no. given 0112348022515199. The scammer claims to have been living in Silver Springs, Maryland and uses name of Humanity First, 15000 Good Hope Road.
Worried that others may be conned ...
"I had an experience which I would like to share with others. I was lucky and lost no money, but the method was so good that I fear it might affect many people out there. Would be great if you could post my report on your great website.
Was chatting to a lady I met in one of those friendfinder matchmaking sites. She told me she was a model (which I believed of course due to the attractive pics she sent). She lives in Nigeria...
After a few messages she needed me urgently for a special 'transaction'. Her model agency from UK booked her for a shooting session, but they only pay via cheque. Since the poor lady does not have any bank account, she cannot cash-in the cheque. So she needs me as her "agent" to cash the cheque to my account and send the money to her. Via Western Union (!) A little experienced of scams, I doubted all of that. The lady began to ask me to send her some money in advance (never do that!). I waited and was totally sure I will never receive any cheque...
Big surprise, I received an international mail with a cheque enclosed, 5000 Euro on my name! Wow this was the first time I thought that maybe I was misled and this poor lady was really serious and trusted me so much that she sent me 5000 Euros through her model agency!
Brought the cheque to the bank and asked them whether it was valid. They said it looks ok, and submitted it. One day later my bank account received the 5000 Euros! Wow I was feeling bad to have mistrusted this beautiful lady, and wanted to get the 5000 Euro to send it to her immediately via Western Union.
Thank God my bank told me that having the money on my account does not necessarily mean that the cheque is valid! A foreign cheque needs at least 7-10 days to get checked. So they advised me to wait at least for that period.
Ok I waited (had a hard time because I feared that I kept this money from that nice lady for myself without trust) and on the 10th day, exactly when I wanted to send the 5000 Euros via Western Union, the bank called and told me that the cheque had been refused because it was a fake!
Oh wow this was close. So this was a typical scam from Nigeria. No idea whether this lady is really existing, or if she maybe has just been used. Regardless, whover was behind this fake, they almost made me lose 5000 Euros! Ok I did not get damaged, and especially the Nigeria Scam sites on the Internet helped me a lot and warned me to be careful - that's why I wanted to post this experience to all of you. There are lots of poor nice sexy African ladies out there in the Internet, and I still hope that most of them are for real (NO, they are not! - J.W.) But if you ever get a cheque from them, please be careful and wait for verification. You might save a lot of your own money!"

Look out for:
paulian aka Paulina godwill <>. Vaara Perez "doing volunteer work in an orphanage in Nigeria". Angel Kelly, Benin, Nigeria,
Daniel Banks <> 4 dolapo street , Lagos surulere 23401 Nigeria. Steve Bennett, Manchester (not) re nicholas palmer,, Ghana, re International Commercial Bank Limited, re Prince Obiri Duodu Frank Home Hotel LTD 4159 Airport road Ghana.
Kenneth Woodgate, Lagos, Nigeria. Whitney Lennon <>, re Dr Samson, Sunrise hospital Karen Daniels moses john, moses alexander, Helen Robert <>.
Moses John Alex, Kevin Brooks,, Jay Patel re Skywest Financial Services. Carolyn Macauley Miss Gift Amudu, refugee camp, Dakar Senegal, Tim Walther Miss joy
Anna Kofi, <>. Adam (Neil) Mayer, re 46 Adedosa Street, Keke area, Agege, Lagos, 23401, Nigeria aka,,, re David Sabrosa . Goodness Dion,
brian goodman <>, Pat Lai Cindy McCallister, Lagos, Nigeria <>. Sharon Engelaar, re Dr Tosin Seweje, Crystal Specialist Hospital, 104 Akowonjo Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, William Scott, Nigeria <>. Sergio Cesar Dantas. sandra martins <>. Nigeria. Lexee Paine <>.
laura moore <>, re maxwell smith,, re Bendel Hotel, First Avenue, G.R.A Benin City. Bradley Williams aka Bradley Knight, William Bradley, William Smith, Bradley James, WilliamsAudition, Nataliya Kondayrowa, Alina
Dennis James Smith, 3 Adebunmmi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria re 2914, Sky Cliff Street, San Antonio, Texas 78231, re Manchester UK, re Hotel Meridian, Lagos, Manager Mr Ayo, ade obe,
goodguy4114 on blackplanet,,,, myspace, eddie j brown, re Olamide Akinpelu , 10 Ikosi road, Ketu , Lagos , Nigeria and 155 Ikorodu Road .
DOCTOR THOMAS HOSPITAL, NIGERIA, saint nicolas hospital, 102 dulphin estate victoria island <> re David Smith . Larry Calvin Shaw ( ) larryshaw99, Sir Tassin Samuel, re Butterfield private bank, <>. jogina demba Cole Andrew, Swissfriends, re 91 Adikatu street, Mosan Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria,

matilda Amponsah <> ., Fred Francesco <>. soniababy4love, Rwanda, <>. <>. Antonio Lugo, 18 Medical Rd. Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, <>. rosy4u, Keth Yormie Johnson, refugee camp, Senegal.
Lewis Kallstrom, 47 Woodside Avenue, North Finchley, London N12 8 TF (not), Hotel House Twenty-one and Suites Government Reserved Area (G. R. A) No. 12 Hope Cresent,(G. R. A) Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, <>. John Hathaway <>. williams spicer <>.
floxsy cota <> Senegal. morganbrown46,, morgbrownseeking. Steve Bennett, sbennettluv98, sbennettluv22. Brenda Giggs <>.
Ricky Williams, single_father45, pekas suites, Nigeria. Miss Afreda Charlton, 23years old girl from Sierra Leone, Sharlene,, Nigeria.

Sue kesterson,, Nigeria, re GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY, Mary Shether <>, re 23b, Awolowo Avenue, ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria, re trust nigeria limited <> re <>.
mary shether, <>. lisa coster <>, re MACO GUEST HOTEL, Nigeria,, Rose Adeola Matilda Amponsah, <> .
Kim Andrew, re, Nigeria. Amanda Schiffer <>. Karen Waters <> re GatewayHotels, Lagos. stacy hilton <>. janet angel <>.
Jane, aka Laura Benz aka Jennifer Lee, <> Ikeja Nigeria, re Raymond L White Air Services Nigeria PLC. kelly hamilton <> , Nigeria.
jane hamburg <> re Mrs. Tiffany Idowu Hamburg, Dr. Daniels, Adesholla Hospital and Maternity Home , 6 Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria 23401.
Mavida Walters,, re Detective Johnson Anderson, Susan Jane Parkwell,
Susan Mary White,, Osun State, Nigeria. Francesco Walter, aka Benneth Ofa, re Chevron, Nigeria. micheal sellers <>.
Sharlene Giaccone, <> re Adamsville, Rhode Island. Williams John, Nigeria, PASTOR KEN OSCAR, Macrus (sic) aka Marcus Adams <>. peace odily <> .
Lerry , . Henry Mark, Nigeria, re Kings Hospital, NO., 5, OLORUN KEMI STREET , BOLUWAJI EXPRESS ROAD, Ibadan,, Doctor Egboghu Mikel.
Domnic Presh <> aka, 1 Lewis str, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, re KOWEL HOTEL AND SUITE. Phillip Wilson, re Lawal Abiola Block 1 Plot 4, Laaderin Estate, OKe Mosan, Abeokuta, OGUNSTATE. NIGERIA 23439 and Newtown Road, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, VA. USA. smithnice50@yahoo.
terry daniels aka johnson,, Nigeria, abi smith,, crystal hospital , lagos. paul jackson . James Vincent
David Gamz <>. mike caudle, aka , 2321 marina bay drive west, fort Lauderdale Florida 33312 (not) re Andy Muorah, Shantella,, re ONIF Construction Company, peter brown, Milano Jacobs
mike totti <>, Mike Georgio Totti.
Andrew Cole aka Cole Andrew , andrewcole4U, <>. Marina <>. tanyushka <>.
ginanedsluv , Gina Philips <>. Ekaterina Jade Williams <>. Natasha <>. Marina, <>, Russia. marisa jones <>.
Leon Witter , Leonardo James Witter <>, Nigeria, but claims to be from Italy and the US.
Akpali Anelu, <>, Nigeria. Marry Hope <> re, re RABO BANK OF LONDON.
Nelly Dabor, refugee camp, dakar-Senegal. joane janet crocket, <>. marian jones <> , "presently in West Africa (Nigeria)". robert Thomas <>. Juliet Messer <>,, Crystal Hospital ? Nigeria.
rose brain <>. Leona Martins <>. Michael Dereche, re 25 paye street, ikeja lagos nigeria 23401. james green, Nigeria, aka
Nathan "Nate" Benson, nateneedlove07, Tolu Brown , Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. kelly brawn <> re Dr Peter Osasu, UBTA, <> re Osasu Ediagbonya.
ABBEY F RUTH, 100 MOGAJI STREET, SURULERE, LAGOS, 23401, NIGERIA <>. amanda schiffer <>. Olga Vabsanskaya, re ZHELDORBANK , PROFSOYUZNAYA 8 KORPUS 1 MOSCOW, 117292. Kristina <>. Jesica Smith, Nigeria, re Barrister Mark Ben,, re De Star Security company. Maxwel Olonzo, was: and Casey Brown, <>. Joshua, thorpeliving39, re BLADENSBURG, MARYLAND re ghastly auto crash, <>.
rose michael, Abuja, Nigeria, re palm beach hotel, 29, bodija street, Ibadan Oyo State. french**** kiss <> . Vera Williams re Diamond Adeyemi. suzan green <>. Kelvin John, re 10A Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, kelvin j, Becker Wellerman, ( oreiness ) re AE Texiles in Nigeria, re Gonzales, LA, gives address as 12 Allen Ave., Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401. Also: samantha williams .

Monica Morgan – Nigeria, aka, re Pastor ANTHONY ONOCHIE, Close 29 House 13, Satellite Town Lagos, Nigeria 2341 re Winners Chapel, OBIORA ONOCHIE, Doctor WILLIAMS JONES – Korle Teaching Hospital, <>, LUCKY TRAVEL AGENCY – COLLINS IGBOKWE,
Melvin Lawson, panama city fl, bradenton fl ec. , , Thomy72. Kiana Jill <>.
tonia joy <>. Tonia Alicia Joy Marcus , 2514 30th st Puyallup WA 98374 USA and Nigeria , "Marine engineer, lives in London but currently is in Nigeria". Maria Hayes, re peace hotels , 15 ojodu road , lagos, Nigeria, <>. cherry, Age: 26, Location: Abilene, TX, United States. Cynthia Smith, Ivan George <> NIGERIA.
Adam Mayer, "working at present in Nigeria" re 46 adedosu street, keke area, agege, 23401, lagos, nigeria, 20 adeola hopewell street, victoria island, 23401, lagos, nigeria, aka, re
Jones paul <>. rose brain Chasiti Gold <>. Sarah Sandra Peters,, Nigeria.
Johnson Philip , philjohn21 aka re Dr. Emmanuel Gerald, Nigeria <> . Thomas Dahler aka peterdale2008, re 100 Lewis Street, 23401 Lagos Nigeria. linda john <> Antz1137, Liuz Pedro,,, cindy smith <>, Nigeria.
Charles Mark <>, Nigeria. Linda Brown, Lorah Smith R. <> re SURGICAL WARD ( B ) MISS LORAH SMITH, ST. NICOLARS HOSPITAL LAGOS ISLAND, NIGERIA. Debbie Maxwell, re 456 thompson st., Lagos, Nigeria, Vera Sonka , Abidjan re UNIVERSAL TRUST AND SECURITY COMPANY, Dr. Thomas Adam ,
Linda Danny <>. Moris Brown <> aka Moris Raul. caroline douglas <> , "on a trip to get antiques in WEST AFRICA" . jenny barker <>, re Dennis Niel Barker 24 Newton Rd Mansfield, UK. Monica Peter, re guaranty security company , David Craig. Alina John Rich sammy malconss aka Sammy M Taoreed, <>, Nigeria. amosia yeboah <>.
Shina, OLUWASHINA AGBEYE,, . Helen Brian <>, megahelen from singlesnet. Duwitt Harry, Kinzo1968, GUARANTY RELIANCE SECURITY COMPANY, <>.
Jade Coker <>, " i like going to beaches in my Bikinin, movies shows, musical concerts and sometime go for dinner and taste a little coffee or wine from a small window and attend church services ... I model for a clothing here in Nigeria" re Sukker Clothing Company.
Brian Jones,, re Larweh Otutei Amartey. Fabian Anderson, <>. henrrietta love <>. Florence Smith,, re DR.WALE MARTINS,, re / Meetic. Miss_ashley5,,,
Linda Brown, <> aka, Linda Martha Brown, 112 Missebo Road, Cotonou, Republic of Benin 00229,,,, re Victory Hotel, Nigeria, re Medi-Care Hospital, Ogun State, Nigeria. sgbb bank <>, SOCIETE GENERAL BANK OF BURKINA FASO 476 RUE KALGONDIN FASO, re JERRY ONWUBIKO .
Alex sandra aka Sandra Alex Cole <>, Nigeria. Eric Damon re TAGGED.COM. <> lino1 brown. patty4real_0071, <>, "you will get the M.O cashed at your bank then you can take the money to send at tyhe (sic) western union".
Michael Smith,, DatingDirect. Esther Bankz, re singlesnet. brian jones <> " I want you to know that I will not ask you for any more money after you help me take care of the hospital bill." re New Ghana Travel Agency,

Daniel Coker,, dannycoker_nl. Alisha Williams, <>. silveramor42 re ALL SAINTS ORPHANAGE, Nigeria, re 123 TOKUNBO AJAYI STREET IKEJA LAGOS NIGERIA. cynthia akins <>, Nigeria.
Maria Paulson <>, re Eyo Michael,
michael jayzee, re 66 Church Street, Oshodi Lagos, Nigeria 23401. kelvin dan , Nigeria, kevin johnson <> " i really want to be in your arms tomorrow, i cant wait to meet you their, i want you to rush to western union or money gram to send the money ...".
hudsonpodoski,, martin hudson podoski. Michael Johnson <>,, rayofsunshine57. jessica jones, re Paul
herbert linnenburger.
sandra white <>. Lilya Wagner , <>, Nigeria. Lenchik <> re EASY SPEECH agency. jane desmond, <> but actually from Lagos, Nigeria.
Pamela <>. Gina, Sean James <>. Stacy David, babecool, of re Martins Nicolas <> . SYLVESTER STELLA, 12,EDE ROAD, ILE IFE, NIGERIA 234036, aka kelly montana on yahoo . michael jayzee <> re 66 Church Street, Oshodi Lagos, Nigeria 23401.
DOCTOR IYANGA, <> re Linda phillips <> , Nigeria.
MATILDA AMPONSAH P.O.BOX 2529 ACCRA_KANESHI ZIP_23321, <>. Prince Dickson, Parliament House Apt 112, Osu, main-street, <>.

mark smith <> "as a simply man i need to get a wonam who will understand me andwill like to share sadness and happiness with me ,now i have no family and i am really desperate to meet a lady like you .i have been fooled for soo long ad its hard to trust people nowadays ". Yes ...
rocker_779, aka lil_wizzy, aka pf_graham, Lara Bakers aka Gabrielle Bakers, enthrallingbabe5, Peter Graham <>.
favour cota, SENEGAL, <> re Rev Sylvester Thomas,, John White , Mrs Briget Kuck,, re "CO-OPERATIVE BANK PLC (WALES BRANCH OFFICE)" re Bar (Dr) WILLIAM MATAMBA,,,
Connie Lawrence, NIGERIA, Kevin Lynch <>. Henry Gallacher, henry_sweet4luv. lovia tweneboah, <>. matilda amponsah <>. Merly Jones, Lagos, Nigeria, juicyberry24,
Linda, steph ALBERTO <>. Liz King <>, Nigeria. Lacene midison,
Jessica Brebbry, <>, <>, re Dr Fred Amata, Lemeridian Hospital <>. Esther V O'Niel, Togo, Lagos, re, janneth appolo <>.
bummy folly <> re ODUSOLA OLUWASEYI. Scott Bruce, <>.
Christana J. Morgan,, "Right now I am stucked in Africa due to some probelm.." , OLUDARA NASSER, Hotel Manager, , Remo Royal Hotel, Nigeria.
Western Union bank in Lagos Nigeria re hellen steve, . James Williams, <>. Christine Jones, .
Jane Barber <>. taiye karim <>. Kate Flora Lyton, jcflorakate006, re Diamond Dave Motel, Monday Osagie, Diamond Gold Motel, re Faye Butt, Jerry Wanner aka Madjid El Sadir,,
Brittany Alicia Brown, "and my dady's name is Juan Avila Brown my moms name is Charity Brown, and the airport is Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos,well you can send the money directly to me via western union," <>. Mariam,, "My dear you go to the western union office in your area you tell them that you want to send money to dakar senegal".
jenny Randy <> re Adekunle Wale, re Bloom Hotel Suites, Nigeria,
henry_sweet4luv , Henry J Gallacher, Jay , Location: VA,Harrisonburg, .
Miss Sophie, <>, re Rev. Emmanuel George, Dakar Senegal. semira san <>. Jade Coker jade coker , omega kingmod, abeokuta, Nigeria., alluringcynthia.
laura williams <>. Rose James <>. Joseph S Williams <>. Terry S Smith, amgavinterry aka Kelvin Johnson, sparklynice, aka . Joseph S Williams,
jesica frank <>. Remi Pedro <>, Tonio. re Sgeun Adekunle of 29 Oluwolgobon Street, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401. Caroline Dauglas, chris stephen waldgrave, Dorise Godwill from Ivory Coast, <>.
Ekaterina, KATIKARUS@RAMBLER.RU. Miss Nina Godwill, "from Ivory Coast in West Africa, (never married before)", tina smith <>.
Harry Billy Shupson, supo niyi <>. Mavis Bediako <>. adebayo olowoyl <>.
rose mary <>. nelly jane <>, Nigeria. jade coker <> re Omega hotel, Lagos. Gahdy Rodriguez,, re Dr Emmanuel, <>, Holy-Trinity hospital, 32 Ojodu-berger Lagos 23401 Nigeria. christina williams <>, Nigeria.
David Robles , Covina, California, Ghana and Nigeria,, "stuck in the
hotel, injured scam", Christiana Williams, Barrister Mark Steve, <>.
judith Adepoju <>. Alicia Smith <>. akwasi awuah <>. Tessy Richard, <>. Bamaka Hotel Ltd, Nigeria,
Debora Mabou, Dakar Senegal,, re Bernard Puechaldou,, Juliet Landone, Melisa, yahoo name: love white, < frank brown, <>, Nigeria., Nigeria.
Nadejda, Yoshkar-Ola, marie shalon, Debra Moore, maria cleff <> re Santos Hotel. Terry Tinkle <>. Chantal Veroniq, Sierra Leone, j_jamila_s, jamila.
William Hetzer, "posing as an American photographer doing business in Nigeria. He claims to have had his wallet stolen, and needs money to get home. His Yahoo e-mail is, and he was on". Natasha from Omsk, jenifer Tony, Dakar Senegal , KENEMA,
Davies Williams, Detroit, Michigan, USA, nenobrown godstime . pamela hall <>. linda godwill <>. kelvin williams,, Nigeria. sarah morgan, Nigeria, michael richardson <>, ID mick00288, mick_richardson2000,, re Carol Hotel 15 Oshola Str Ikeja Lagos Nigeria 23401.

Rose Shola, Clara Martens,, Liliya from Russia. princilla_love123,
Jenny, Jennifer Craig, "from Boston MA, in Nigeria for my Job" , <>. john spencer <>. Joyce Owusu <>. joyce owuso,
Brandy Benedith < >. Joy Brown <>. MICHEAL BOND, STAMFORD BRIDGE LONDON, SW1V 3DW,, Tracy olu, no 10 church street victoria island , Lagos Nigeria, Lisa .M. Adeola, 9 Akerele street Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria, <>. Dammy Jones by name "a girl from
Hartford, Connecticut but originally from Toronto, Canada", re tragic death, Nigeria, MZSPEED@GMAIL.COM, mzspeed9,
adedotun edwards, re Sharon Atiku Tokunbo. William Hetzer <>. messy romson,, re GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY, Daniel Wilfred, STELLA SWEETGIRL <>.
Maria Jones <>, re Simmy Daniels, 75, Balogun Street, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401. Quincy Frempong, <>, Accra, Ghana.

sharon dabore <> yet another Senegal refugee camp mail. Sara Jones, Nigeria, <> re doctor Frank Emeka, Crystal Hospital, Lagos, <> "the said patient was rushed in to our hospital at the late hours of Wednesday,the 20th,by a nigerian textile dealer who said he was coming into Nigeria from Cotonou,Benin when he found the patient lying unconscious in the pool of her blood".
califloverman50, onelove_50, neopdop_1951, lonlydad, richy_205 evans_205 , marinecontractor, <>. roger_ nati <>.
Joseph Stabb <> "i will treat you like my princess" . debra ray <> KY / Africa, re GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY Agent of PILOT AIR COMPANY, Alexsandra scott <>.
DAVIDROWSOUL, Kinde, MI, US, David Rowland from West Africa,, "I'm currently in West Africa now, i left the state with my step mom when i was abt 9yrs after the death of my parent. actually, i'm still planing to get back to the state....".
TATYANA OLEYNIKOWA, MOSCOW, <>. Janet Elizabeth Nisbet re BABSON TRAVELS AND TOURS WORLSWIDE (air travel from Nigeria) angela kenneth <> .
Lucy Greg <>, Nigeria. Roger Johnson, Lagos, Nigeria, re orphanage, hospital, Western Union etc, st betty, betty rose, <>.
Precious Coker, McDonnell Cole <>. Nelson Daniels <>. Nelson Daniels <>. Silvia Nkaje, stella nbaye <> re Reverend Christ Jonathan, Nelson Daniels <>. kerry cole <> " i'll love something most in my life and that's noting but honeslty and i love the Lord first in my life cus i believe tht with him all thing's shall surly be.." (perhaps he will be struck down for such blasphemy! )
mick richardson <>. Myrian Godwill, "from Ivory Coast in West Africa,5.7ft tall, dark in complexion,(never married before) " <>. GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY, David criag (Custodian Manager),,
tessy maxwell <>, Tessybabe, "i like to go to beach and also some out doors activities." highway hotel, "the city is ilesa, but hun all this will not help all i owed them is 150$ let get there money paid". Philip Martins <> . kelvin micheal, <>.
Richard Michael Williams, from Delaware but currently in Ghana, EDWARD YAU, SHANGHAI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED, tete 1 tennyson <>, tenny from amateurematch, Tennylove. sarah cole <>. silvia enriques <>.

lingerfect Monica <>, Michelle. Keith Jones, Dopemu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, Segun Martinz, ab 8f.l.c Shagari Estate, Alimosho, 23401, Nigeria. ayodeji james <>. samba kabirz <> . lilly beckey <>. ELLEN, sweetbabegirl6,,, aka, re Ben Baffoe, 21street Adabraka, Accra Ghana-west -Africa.
ayodeji james <>. Kelvin Gazel , Accra , Ghana. Mariya Krohmalyova, Roseyln James, re Jide James, Highway Hotel at 54 OLUFUNMI, IBADAN, OYO, 23401 Nigeria, rose_sexy_dus_y2k2@yahoo . lora howards, <> re Pioneer Hotel, Chike Akpa. Drey Peter <>.
jenifer kolins <>, re KELLY JONES, 45 VICTORY STREET, APAPA, LAGOS, 23401, NIGERIA. SIM MCDAVIDSON c/o MORU TAIYE, LILIBETH HOUSE, No. 3 OKARAVERO CLOSE, OFF UWASOTA ROAD, BENIN CITY NIGERIA, <>. Dr. Abiola, Oluwaseun Abiola, <> re Tony benson, re St. Nicholas hospital, Nigeria, 33,iceland avenue victoria island Lagos Nigeria Zip code 23401. EmailPersNatalia, Natalia, <>.

Roy Panama, 20 Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria 23401, moyo4love,, re Moyo Adams "developed malaria, mugged, no money, banks won't cash checks drawn on US banks, etc". catherine klose <>, catherineklose. frickyterry , Ricky Lake, re, ken handerson. juliet parker, re DOTUN SAVAGE., re Keliv Enoch, Nigeria. Kehua Jones <> "You are my Swallow from Capistrano - my precious butterfly" re Simmy Swaffor, Nigeria.
Alexsandra scott <>. sam dave,, Nigeria. , re Doctor Richard Osun, 177 Adult STR AJAH Nigeria re Seattle, WA at 7400 Sand Point Way NE. Jean Wellfred <> "The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life..".
Frank Alfred <> "Thanks for brigthen (sic) my days and making me a happy man.Your presence in my life brings wonderful smiles and loving thoughts within my heart.Do you
know that Loving someone is like caring for a garden, love it too much or too little and it dies, but love it just right and it will live forever.. " (This is typical of the rubbish they send).
laura bill, lauraa8080,, Nigeria. paul winston <>. Brad Gibson <>, brad4datangel , . russell sweet <>,, dream mars re George and Melissa, Christiana Amosul ,, Christofer Giovanni, Lance Gordon.
NELSON EMMAUEL DANIELS, nelson daniels, re Dr Anderson Damien, Alliance Offshore Finance Clearing House , Dubai , United Arab Emirates, Nicole Johnson, re, re 12 ALLEN AVENUE, IKEJA, LAGOS. Ashley Jones <>, "Have been stranded over Three weeks and some few days now in hell western part of africa .by a ass guy from nigeria who
blow dust on my eyes ... I just need to setle down the hotel bills and get back home", re David Okeowo,, Royal Castle Hotel, Nigeria.
Mark Adams, lonelyme20052003. Clara Martins,, "a Teacher,i am from Middleton in Idaho and i am presently in Nigeria now,i just finished a teaching here,as i do teach the Impaired and Unfortunate ones Sign language and would be back into the states asap."
Molly Easwaran <>, meas17cares, "in hospital in Africa", Rolland Hospital , you can also email the doctor via the hospital
Janet "Janey" Nisbet of Liverpool, re pastor Femi Thompson, Nigeria, janet will <>, janet Brownlie <>,, Jennifer Aziza, "32 year old female from Portland, Maine... a jeweler on a business trip to Lagos, Nigeria re Saint Nicholas Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. niceguy19555.,,,
Carol,, re OKIGBO NNAEMEKA, 2 Cole Ave, Ikeja State, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, " i am also a sincere nice and honest lady". aloura "still a student but i work for unicef " <> "a native american indian out of
Florida" but presently in Africa. jane janewood <> re mcphilips egbe <>.,
miss_ashley5,,, "I have been crying all day. went to the Customs office few hours ago concerning my goods and when i got there i was told i would need a reupdationg in my documents. This has never happend before . The Custom official said it's a
law that was newly brought in by the Nigerian Government. ... why i'm telling you all this is because right here on me i don't have up to the demanded amount i was asked to pay. Thats why i'm writting you in
tears. Plz i don't know if you could be of real help to me in paying the remaining money.."
Loveth Upeh,, re Dr.Upeh Dabor. emmanula udara <>, re Dr Johnson Udara, re JORDAN INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC,, Stephen Gulson. donald smith <>, <>, Mercy Akins, "I'm in Nigeria now ... very
sincere in finding true love for a life time and am a very loyal Lady. I do not drink or do any drugs".
Ashley Jones, "Have been stranded over Three weeks and some few days now in hell western part of africa .by a ass guy from nigeria who blow dust on my eyes ... I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting. If this is what your looking for, don't hesitate to help me with
the hotel bills....Here is Hotel manager information - Mr.Obafemi, Just tell him you are calling on behalf of Ashley Jones the American Lady that stay in room 024 ". vivian god <> re Rev Jones, re ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC LONDON,,, Paul Leeds., Rosemary Carlini Smith, re Dusbar Presidential Hotel, re Balogun Olukayode, 10 Lejeja Stadium Hotel Road, Ibara Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. James howells,, togo? Peter Rice and RICCE ENGINEERING.
susancutielady, susancutie, sexycutie9090, sexycutie908,, "27 year old Woman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida". happiness godwill, .
happiness Godwill, refugee camp here in Dakar, re ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC LONDON,,, Paul Leeds, re Bar (Dr) EWA ANTHONY, (ANTHONY'S CHAMBER), or, 53 Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport Way, (2nd-floor) Dakar, Senegal .

Ken43Sky, Kattylords, peggypedy, Ken Pedro <>. alex_anderson001. Lisa Mackey,
caroline smith, <>, re Ecko Hotel, Dele Martins, JOsephine dickson (5'6) from Kentucky, 1001 Highway 62 West Princeton, KY 42445,, re Victor Glashow, "30% of the money in the box to you".

Patricia Linda Mills White, sweetpat07,, "She claimed to have no
microphone or webcam, so when i told i could have gived one of mine she provided me this address, saying it was her grandmothers name: Fasanu Rasheed 44 Anibara St Ketu Lago Nigeria 23401. She also asked me to put a handwritten letter and some photos of mine in the package."
Gary Brette, Victor Ramon,, "mugged on a business trip to Africa" . aka, Christy 31; Sharpsburg. James Willis, Weymouth, Civil Engineer, " The next thing he asks for is
$1500 to be wired via Western Union to his "Doctor" at 123 Allen Street Lagos Nigeria.. ". lidan dauglas, Linda Douglas <> re Joseph Dayo (Custodian Manager), SECURITY HOLDING'S INSURANCE COMPANY , 10 JOSEPH ROAD, ,IKEJA, LAGOS, NIGERIA. vivian Godwill,

RICHARD MICHAEL WILLIAMS, aka Richard Patrick Williams, patrick w. <, re International Commercial Bank ltd., ROBERT KODJO,
Davies morris Fredrick <>, aka fredrick Davies Vince Giovanni <>. love upeh, sandra30, loveth godwill, Sunny, shinyfor, James Willis <>.,, jennifer Dogba "I 'm 22, from Ivory Coast in West Africa, 5.11ft tall, Fair in complexion, (never married before )and presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar", miracle udeh <> re Rev. Dickson.
Rose Robert <> another "model". Susan Johnson <>, Susan Yormie Johnson, Liberia. Rose Robert <>. Mark Abdul Smith, Nigeria., Camelaa williams, ade ojo, <>. Jennifer Walton,, re ADEBAYO KAZEEM, 6 G.R.A.ROAD, SAGAMU, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA, 23437. - "stranded self-employed antique dealer in West Africa (Nigeria) from Colora, Maryland, USA" also Jessica, Lake Charles, LA. <> . Florence Adamu Ouattara, 11 Plateau, Abidjan, Cote d`Ivoire . rita bryant, <>. Nadezda <>. Richard Lawrence,, "I LIKE A WOMAN THAT CARE'S ABOUT HIS HEALTH LIFESTYLE & APPEARANCE . .". Clark Consultants, re Pasternack
Electronics Inc. softheart007. simonsingles. jimmy4love.

princess bimbe <>, Rasheedat Folake Ambali, Dairo Street, Off Oluwalogbon Street, Ketu, Lagos. jane4u_girl. m01kone. joevita4umabou. Joseph Paul Smith (but he uses only Paul), "he is an American doctor from the Red Cross working in Bakassi Peninsula",, joseph_smith1960, re Joseph Izevbigie and Olugbenga Awolowo, bsmith8105. Happiness coumber,, Dakar Senegal, "23, never married before", re Rev.Anthony Martins. Sherry Lynn <>, Nigeria.
Elliot George, "You brought love and laughter to my empty, sad and boring life. My heart had known only emptiness until the day you came and filled my heart to overflowing with your jovial ways. Your sense of humor has turned my frown into a smile," <>,, elliot475, re 2829 lore street, clovis, mark S. Warren, .
patty sholly, <>. susan parkwell <>. <>. Mark Stone Warren, <>, "apparently from Sioux City, Iowa. He claims to be a car exporter", (but e-mails from Ghana). lexydipe, lexydip, lexy, Olalekan ogundipe. Johnson Knight <>., Yahoo IM donrick01. Phina Ofor <>, re refugee camp in Dakar senegal.
Benson Adams,, re Austine Onogarigho, re Dele Molen, re Cherry Dennis. <>, shawn martins. danila adams <>. Liseka Cynthia Lillian <>, ritamartins25, Loveth Kwame "single and never marriad, i am from Liberia in west Africa and presently residing in the Ndioum refugee camp here
in Cote D'lvoire where i am seeking political asylum ...", <> .
smithwilliams, willsmith1965, willsmith0080, felixmorgan03. MARY, becky campbell <>. Floxy Yormie "24 years old girl from Liberia", Miss Floxy <>.
Curtis Affleck , "Jenni got electricuted and has re been in coma The Doctor said after tommorrow if she dosnt get up that there will have to be a blood transfusion i am so confused i dont know what to do pls pray for me . The Doctor said she needs a blood transfusion and that i have to pay the sum of 2000 Dollars as part payment without which she can not be treated right now what i have with me is just 1200 and i have tried written my Bank and they will not give me a Dine if i dont sign i have
tried everything i can to get the 800 from here but i cant i dont know what to do ...."
Michael Adewale <>, Michael Jesy Thomas, Adewale 23 Bailey street, Lagos Nigeria. Micheal Harris, re Blue Sky. Dave Matthew Strojny. pamel47 <>.,, Sandra J Evans,, Abiodun Adeyemi David, brandy2cares Brady Smith markroyalhotel Abiodun Adeyemi David, shixiegirl_01 Sandra J Evans,, Sandra J Evans, Abiodun Adeyemi David, no 45 oremeji street mende, ikeja, lagos, 23401. DR. Antoni Fenandez <>, re Lisa Micheals, Barclays bank London UK, re Engr Williams Smith, "cappa and dalberto/Moenier Oil and Gas Consult and London Ports authority". elizabeth oduayo <> . bob sherick <>. Rose mary, <>. sandra evans <>. maxwell yemi, <>. Andre Francis, <>.

Yael Orlando , beemark4business, <>, Abby Jones (another model stuck in Nigeria!) <>, Nigeria, re PAUL JACOB, hotel manager. lara bakers <>. angel francisca <> re NOVA BANK OF SCOTLAND, PLC,, SYVESTER OWENS. rose sharon: Dave, <>. Jessical Williams <>. elizabeth oduayo <>.
Laura Korman aka Kate Lawrence,, No 8 yaya abatan street, ogba aguda, lagos, nigeria, "degree in modeling from University of Exferd (sic)", actual degree: B. Scam, (failed), U. of Lagos. Michele Williams <>. jeansgirl,, . TOSIN J PATRICK, 23 ALLEN AVENUE, IKEJA, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA,
ZIP 23401, re scott merrisa, Kevin Henry, k_ice001, k_ice002,
k_ice003. eddie4luv , lexy-slimz, . bobdavid from glasgow. Lissa Omotayo benita koneh, re Dr Oliver Koneh, <>. Lisa George, ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC LONDON,, , Paul Leeds re Mis. Lizzy. LONELY SHARRON.
mariana johnson <>, vama hotel, Nigeria. mike edward <>, re Muirital Muhameed Airport, re Dr. Lawrence / Laurence, re Peter Ajayi, Sandra Joe or Jennifer Omoregie from Senegal, " i AM A SINGLE lady NEVER MARRIED BEFORE" re monica bruce <>. , JaneCollins01, Mainland Hotel , ROBERT JESSICA , 25 Agege Road, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, 23401. lonelyinlarton_001, lonelymary, STARK..SHANNON, 12 allen street, IKEJA, NIGERIA, 23401. Patty Smith <>, Kathleen Nadeau, # 3 Soile street, Iju Agege, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, <>. Your Russian friend, <>. iju agege, lagos nigeria. Adedayo Adekunle, re Smith and Beck Mining Co re Holse,, re P O BOX 12332 DUGBE IBADAN, NIGERIA, OYO STATE, 23402 . Rev Dickson Abel. micheal_cole_uk_40. Kevin Henry, <>, re Dr. fischer Bayor, Kejide hospital re De castle hotel. fred lucas re GUNMOWO OLATUNDE, 14 APPLE STREET , LAGOS , NIGERIA ZIP CODE: 23401.
TOSIN J PATRICK, 23 ALLEN AVENUE, IKEJA, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA, ZIP 23401, re scott merrisa Jenifa Rivera, Jenifa David <>. Fati Alhassan, Ghana, <>. mabel godwill , re refugee camp Senegal, <>, re,, PAUL LEEDS. Eve Godwill from Ivory Coast , evebaby, Dr williams Godwill, Godwill industry (Ltd), re Dr Robert Guei,

shay farmer aka donald white, 12 parkview estate, lagos, nigeria, Fati Alhassan <>.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and warns about And beware: carey bright spencer, Carey Tolla spencer, Miss Carey spencer, aka mary douglas , Sarah thomas <>. flora gwin <>,, . Tina Merricks, re Madelion Hotel, 12 Omolara street, Ojodu Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401. Michael Dorff,, , mickyloving. Tin / Tina Merrick, 10 kaffa street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401. Vivian Williams / Stella Williams, , laura moore <>. Roy Tender,, aka H Caleb, Caleb Mandricks, and some female living in Washington State. paaulbrown, Paul Brown, Sharon Tokunbo Atiku Martins, re 19 Bosso Road Minna, Onigbide Stores, NG-Minna, re 22, Association Avenue, Ile Ife, Ife South, NG-Osun. jnpretty, Ukpabio Edinam, Niger State, Nigeria. martins johnson <>. mary godwill from Ivory Coast ,
John Barry, son of the king of Ogoni land ! Victoria udeh, walter lee, re Life Care Hospital, 20 Acme Road in Ogba Ikeja, Lagos. i am doris by name and i will like to know u much better. i am from dublin and africa dad is from bublin and my mum is from nigeria. i was born in dublin also skool in dublin. i am in final year class of an accounting, re AFOLABI AKINTAN.
Jillian campbell <>, re Vamaca Hotel. Kathleen Parker, Guaranty Security Company , I/C: Mr Daniel Wilfred, Guaranty Security Company,
Guaranty Security Coy:, re RAFIU SHOBOLA, 112 MURTALA INT'L AIRPORT RD., IKEJA, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 23401 re GSC , Guaranty Security Company, Airport Complex, Lagos, Nigeria. jessica owen, re ECO BANK DE SENEGAL PLC, or, re Tedy Albert. Bruce Lori <>.
amina upeh <>, Senegal. Michelle Williams, 78 olayink street, Lagos Island, Lagos state Nigeria, 23401. philip richard <>. kester casey <> re protea hotels nigeria. peace z upeh,, re AFRICAN CONTINENTAL BANK PLC,,, "the name of the transfer officer is MR VENICE ELVIS GREGORY" ! NIKE YUSSUF <>, daramol james <>, DARAMOL AIRWAY TRAVEL A 54 ADETI STREET , ILESA , OSUN STATE, NIGERIA. lisa upeh <>, JENNIBABY, re "Rev. Steve Williams who is the pastor of the (Christ the Saviour Mission) here in the refugee camp" Paul Leeds, "ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND", re Dr fredrick Upeh, re St. Monica Memorial Hospital, Abidjan, re Duke Ashman, Senegal, GLOBE LAW CHAMBERS, 10 GAIYE AVENUE, DAKAR <>. austin joe, jamesbill.
Mary Vicky Jones,, Janet Jones, lolade bashorun, Mabel Yvonne, Senegal,, VICTORIA MABEL ADA YVONNE, Paul Leeds, <paulleeds_rebsint@cashettecom>, BAR. (DR) .OMEGA DONALD,, martin gregory, philip richard richard <>. "Kelvin Green" from Garforth, Leeds. jojo bach <> ULOGHOBUI PRISCILLIA OMOSOME, NO 1, MOSES ADEBAYO ST,OJODU LAGOS ,NIGERIA, 23401. kelvin Green <>. micheal cole, re hoboken, new jersey. jessica smith, linda godwill, dakar Senegal.
"There are 2 differant groups: First, or
This one claims to be in love with me and wants me to send money so he can return to the US.
Address - 3 Olorunkemi St, Shomalu Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401.
Second, these guys are really trying hard!,,, These three are working very hard together. The first one (Steven) was supposedly shot during a business deal. The second (Judge) is to be Steven's lawyer. The third (Micheal) is his pastor."
victoria amudu <>. Alice Stephine Williams, Alice S.W <> aka Alice Williams, clara davis <>, philip_richard4u_4cool, Peace Hotel, Nigeria. kester casey <> "how re u doing??hope u re fine and taking good care of ur self....hmm i cannot wait to meet u also u re my life and my world....i cant cash the money orders here they re not advanced to that leve this is africa for crying out loud....and my hotel bills i have been paying them my self thats why am working i brought some money with me its just that the cash is finish and i stayed longer than i had planned cos of some problems here thats why i need u to cash the money orders and send the money to me so that i can pay for my flight and then come back home...the money orders will be wirtten in ur name....and so u re free to cash them..i aiwat to hear from u soonest, kester".

... and many others, see below.

May '05 mail from a lady who became a target of the fraudsters. This demonstrates some of the techniques used by the criminals. It is followed by the answers to a few questions raised by the complainant.
"John ~
I have a question about something that may relate to all of what I've been reading on this site of yours .. the first week of March of this year I was contacted by a man that said he lived in Nevada, USA; but was going to Nigeria the next to collect money owed him regarding his business (supposedly has something to do with computers -- he said) .. the day after he was supposed to have gone to Africa, he contacted me to tell me that his client had paid him with a money order that the banks wouldn't cash there, and that he needed the money to get back home .. he wanted to mail me the money order for me to cash, hold out what I needed, and wire him the rest .. I told him the banks should be able to cash it; if they wouldn't, that the client should be able to give him the cash instead of a money order since it took cash to purchase it . We kept on communicating even though I wouldn't agree to do anything .. every other night or so after I met him online, I was getting contacts from other men, basically asking the same sort of thing; just a little difference to their stories .. I have 85 men now on my Ignore List for my Yahoo Instant Messenger, most of who have been headed in the direction of asking to send me a money order or cheque -- I just never let the conversation go beyond that .. I would like to know if you know anything about this kind of business going on? I didn't see anything in what I read that matched what I have been dealing with . After I had been communicating with the man that originally contacted me before all the others for awhile, I gave him my address to send a money order to me that his "client" was to have issued in my name and mailed to me .. I believe it's been close to a month now since it was supposed to have mailed .. yet none has arrived yet .. as much as I want to believe him, I feel he does not live in Nevada, USA; but lives in Nigeria .. I also believe that the picture on his yahoo profile is not the picture of the man I have talked with on the phone .. I know I could be wrong, but somehow I don't feel the voice matches the man in the picture .. please let me know if you are aware of something of this sort going on; and let me know, if you can, just what is going on ? "
This is going on ... A west African man is sitting at a PC in an Internet cafe or public library (maybe in Lagos, or maybe just around the corner). He'll be using (typically) Yahoo Instant Messenger and Yahoo web mail. He may well have a cell 'phone on the desk, to take calls from potential victims he has been grooming. He has invented an identity and scoured the Web for a suitable snapshot to mail you. He wants your money and will invent ridiculous stories to try to get you to send it via Western Union. He will have obtained a false ID and he, or a fellow criminal, will present this at a Western Union agency, pick up the cash and move on to the next victim. If you voice suspicions, he will strenuously deny that he is a fraudster.
What can you do to make life difficult for the criminals? It would be good to get their accounts suspended. I encourage all those who have been approached by the fraud criminals to report these creeps. Any decent dating site will immediately close the offender's account. By reporting, you will not only help unsuspecting potential victims but will cost the criminals some money! They will lose whatever registration fees they have paid to the dating site and this is a good result!
Another concerned lady writes as follows:
Mr. Weston,
I think I have recently become the target of a Yahoo Personals fraudster. About two months ago, I met this wonderful man online...he says his name is Donald John Rickardo from England. He has an ad on Yahoo personals posing as a native american man originally from Pinehurst, NC. After about a month, he supposedly went to Marina, Lagos, Nigeria to do some work for Shell Petroleum who he is a petro-chemical engineer for. He won my sympathy early on by telling me his young wife had been killed two years ago in a car crash, and he is very lonely. I thought it strange when he began talking about receiving money orders from "clients in the USA" and wanted me to cash some of them in and wire the money to another client of his in Nigeria, as the banks there could not cash them without potentially losing the money. I had agreed to help him before actually checking any of it out. He'd put out a very good-looking picture of a man on his personals ad where I found him... I have never quite believed it all as it seems to good to be true. His English is a little bit bad, for someone of British descent anyway.

Last night he began asking me to send him 1,000 USD to help out a man he knows whose wife is sick in the hospital with cancer. I told him to get Shell to loan the man or him some money and that I would not send it to someone I've never met. I believe he is one of those sitting in an internet cafe, trying to bilk women or others out of their money by sending them checks that might not actually clear. My bank told me not to cash them (if any ever do arrive.) He goes by the handle .
sharon_honestsoul (?): so honey tell me i you sending the money?
ZZZZ: i need an adress to send it too
sharon_honestsoul: I know you want to do what's right, but I need you here with me honey will send it through western uion money transfer

ZZZZ: ok i will have to see what my accounts look like in the morning
sharon_honestsoul: OK HONEY
ZZZZ: I will have to see, how much do you need?
LINDA JOHNSON , the many faces of
<> "has been asking me for 1000 Euros so that she could get her lawyer, Christian Mzulu, to deposit 10.7 million U.S. dollars into my bank account so that I could get her passports & plane ticket to ..." and see below:
Look out for "maidens in distress", perhaps seeking help with passports, or finance for medical operations. One such is " Linda Johnson " (supposedly of Senegal) and this name is associated with a long list of "companies" and "officials" in support of the scam: Yormie Johnson, Mzulu Chambers & Associate, Christian Mzulu, Rue 22 yoff Dakar senegal, Mark Fisher, Anglo Financial Trust Bank, London, Melissa Fowler, Jason Griffin, Interbond Creditors, 1 Berkley Street, London, Martin William etc.
Rasheedat Folake Ambali, 12 dairo street, off oluwalogbon, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria, Princess Bimbe, re Musbau Okunubi, Ketu, 23401. Juliet Allen <>.
Maxwell Ikenna Ogwo, "Nigerian in Athens, Greece", collectibles201, aka Steve Reid, Odessa Texas. anthony abazie nzeadibemma. Eddie Smith, 23 y/o female from houston, TX, USA, student.... Uses nickname nee82, Juliet Allen <
murphymail2000, MURPHYMAIL2000@YAHOO.COM, Mark Jones, 5 OGUNSOLU STREET,CEMENT , IKEJA LAGOS, NIGERIA, MARK _JONES 911. jenny robert <>. Babyday4567., Kate Mary Smith, (marygay) American Samoa, re Hermlock Ave Indianapolis. Tammy Moore , (, Lagos State University, Nigeria, re Orlando Insurance co, re 20 Maryland Lagos State 23401, Nigeria. Ken Martins, Mayowa Bankoke, 104 tinubu motherless baby home, Isolo, Lagos, 23401. James Rhodes, cleverprecious,
anita douglas <>, aka Anita Douglas <>. passionangel_modelly, jane collins, Helen Ronald, on as passionangel. yejide babs, David kings, elizabeth raomer, kelly koller <>., Grace Martins. grace martins <>. JANE CLAWDINE, Chico, keller, Rita Owusu saint_pious2, Marc Archer. mustafa Al Abdullah <>. Larry Cole, sagasa, re Love Access dating site. williams west, re fort collins in colorado. linda godwill from
Ivory Coast in West Africa, re godwill industry (Ltd) <>,, re, Paul Leeds,, Jack Daniels. james john <>. nick martins,
Richard John Smith, re WALE MORGAN 74 ALLEN AVENUE, IKEJA, LAGOS, re Excellence Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, Yahoo ID smithin60. DR WALE SMITH, St Dominic Hospital, 456 Air port Road, Ikj Lagos re Elizabeth janie and vital accident along the Muritala Muhammed International air port way. debbysweetlook, re Curwensville, Pennsylvania, and PEACE HOTEL in Lagos, "Deborah James", Precious Ofor from Ivory Coast, refugee camp in Dakar senegal, re Laurant cocoa and Associates (Ltd), <>. Goodness Godwill,
Raymond Willford, jean wilson < >,, 01 BP 3832 ABIDJAN 01 Cote d'ivoire. lino brown,, re Ibrahim Ileriayo, re 64, Adeoti Road, Mushin Road, Lagos, re 3,osanyintola street, Ijaye ojokoro, lagos state, Nigeria. Alex Owogold, Paul Laka, dabasco_kay.
Goodness Godwill, Ivory Coast, re Godwill industry (Ltd), beckywilliams_29 , grace martins <>, re Abidjan, civil war, refugee camp, 27 million dollars etc.
"I am pretty looking girbl (sic). I am 25. Do not reply to thbis address directly. Email me back at ",,,,,, jane0by01, JANE CLAWDINE., owen35_info, branford, fl.
dele david, lagos, nigeria 23401. sonia_williams232. MICHELLE Daniel, mich81d.

Princess Rita, Rita Edward <>. Contrator53, Lucky Akpali. ( Claims to be looking for love). ( Claims to be sister in Holland with 7Million). ( Claims to David, brother who will wire money to help sister). ( lawyer asking for 6,000.00 to setup account for Jernifer Hill). lauraiwillysiheeer,, jenny wilson re rollins hotel, <, . upeh jasmine <>. HARIN ola, , Maxwel Anthony Olonzo,, Maxwel Olonzo,, re Quadri Rasheed Olufunsho, 112 Brook Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos 23401 Nigeria. liz (Lilian) yormie <>. samantha williams, Nigeria, <>. mercy jones, <>. Jane Oginni. - re GREEN HOUSE HOTEL LAGOS - claims to be from Alexandria Virginia USA but trapped in a hotel in Nigeria with no money and the hotel manager has supposedly seized her passport. (Heard that before somewhere ...). holyjessy1980, jessicahoward26, Medallion Hotel & Suite, Lagos, Nigeria.
INSPECTOR JAMES AKPAN, police accident report.
Eline, eline_lovebynet is asking for money orders to be cashed. Celine Jeams, "in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal" <>. <> re Pentagon Hotel, Ikeja, Nigeria. James Abara., "She types in that broken English that is obviously not American, especially given the fact that she purports to have Ph.D. in metallurgy!!". diamond4u81.
ROSEMERY CHRISTAINA MARCULY "in Dakar refugee camp" but wants money sent to AMBRO BANK PLC LONDON, attn of RAY PAULSON. Jennifer Hilary, 111 isheri Rd Excellence Hotel, Lagos, ZIP CODE: 23401, Nigeria. Valerie Willams,, Kally Sherri "from Wilmington, DE" but now in Nigeria - kally_sherrilove@yahoo, . Dr. Okele Ngozi, Goodwill Hospital, Awka, Nigeria, re Clara Woods. MASAH,, "WHEN MY MOTHER DIED ON THE 21ST OCTOBER 2003, MY FATHER TOOK ME SO SPECIAL BECAUSE I AM MOTHERLESS. BEFORE THE DEATH OF MY FATHER ON 7TH NOVEMBER 2004 IN A PRIVATE HOSPITAL HERE IN ABIDJAN". jennifer kamara, Cote d'Ivoire,, re INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AFRICA, SIEGE SOCIAL ANGLE AV. TERASSON DE FOUGERES AVENUE JOSEPH ANOMA PLATEAU ABIDJAN, 01 01 BP 4132, COTE D'IVOIRE, Dr. Richard Kone, Kamara Gongolar. REBBECA THOMSON, 10 ALLEN AVENUE, IKEJA, LAGOS, 23401. jessica sangare, Abidjan, <>, re Domano Kassi, Barrister Chris Owen, nana wilson 29 year old black female in accra, ghana,, nanaamawilson9b73, mylove4realB1BF. ANITA MATHEW, ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST,, "THE ONLY DAUGHTER OF LATE CHIEF JOSEPH MATHEW WHO WAS A FAMOUS AND WEALTHY COCOA MERCHANT BASED IN ABIDJAN HERE,THE ECONOMIC CAPITAL OF IVORY COAST. I AM SEEKING FOR YOUR URGENT ATTENTION TO HELP ME TRANSFER THE SUM OF (US$12,500,000.00 )TWELVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE OF AMERICAN DOLLARS." susan gnassingbe, <>, LAVEGARDE SECURITY INC., Dr. Ibrahim Bakayoko. Donald John Rickardo, Jeff Jackson,,, Russell Peterson, jennif walton <>. Elizabeth Vanersa Olumese, leonard Moore <>, Doctor Deisler Dago, <>. jim stipes, Kelvin Williams, kelvinwilliams001, Barrister Okoko Mali for Miss Ross Albert ? amahdu, <>. Sharon Odily, re Buoba Jeeps, ECO Bank Plc, 8, Avenue Leopold S. Senghor Dakar Senegal, ( . Malaica Hotel, akowonjo lagos, alice williams,, Josephine Abraham, re REV DR MATTHIAS KWAME, AFRICAN TRUST BANK, ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE, Funmilola Animasahun <>, days inn and towers hotel, 14 bintu street, ikeja, lagos, nigeria. clyde paker <>. Joy Johnson, joyee210 re united gemstones. foly_martins2004.

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How can you tell? The fraudsters will search the Web for portraits to publish on a dating site. These are often rather improbable. You will have a better idea of the sort of person you are dealing with if you check the text they may have posted or mail they may send. Here is an example (note the very typical punctuation and spacing errors and the boastful tone):
"well, am joseph and infact,this is my first time on a dating site,dont know why i am here or how i got here ,all i know is i am in search ofmy future bride,who could she be,of what race,i dont know,anyway,about me,i am easy going,cool and jovial,i like honesty and trust,i love when people speak the truth,i am very wise if i may say and i can tell when you are lying.i will do anything to be with my bride,i can afford it so why not."
A conversation with a criminal. No doubt many good relationships are formed via Web dating services, but fraud criminals are abusing these services and genuine users need to be alert.

This conversation (via Yahoo IM) was submitted by a concerned member of an American emergency service. I have substituted his online id with "US_guy" and removed a couple of references to protect his anonymity. "alis_smith4luv" is the title used by the criminal in this particular fraud attempt.
"alis_smith4luv: hi there how are u doing today hope u are doing good.
I will like to contacting you and showing some intrest in you.when i went through ur profile i really liked it and found both of us %99 compatible,the only %1 missing is that right now am not stucked somewhere in africa and i need help to come back to the state you can email me directly if you can pls help me out ok

US_guy: hi
alis_smith4luv: hi
US_guy: asl?
US_guy: cute pic (she has a picture of a young sexy blond)
alis_smith4luv: thanks
alis_smith4luv: 28 female delaware
US_guy: ok. . cool
US_guy: where in De?
alis_smith4luv: millsboro
US_guy: are you in Delaware now?
alis_smith4luv: nope
alis_smith4luv: am not in delaware now
US_guy: where are you?
alis_smith4luv: africa
US_guy: really, where in africa?
alis_smith4luv: lagos nigeria
alis_smith4luv: am stucked up there just cos i owe some billz
alis_smith4luv: s
US_guy: ok, what can I do to help?
alis_smith4luv: what do u mean
alis_smith4luv: ??
US_guy: is there something that I can do to help you?
alis_smith4luv: like what can u do to help me u know we dont know each other and i cant just be asking for help like that
alis_smith4luv: when we get to know each other
alis_smith4luv: i will tell u why i get stucked here
alis_smith4luv: ok
alis_smith4luv: so what do u do for a living
US_guy: **************
alis_smith4luv: nice job
alis_smith4luv: i sales rep
US_guy: ok. . you are cute
US_guy: do you have any other pic's
alis_smith4luv: yeah
US_guy: can I see?
alis_smith4luv: sure
US_guy: ok
US_guy: it's all good
alis_smith4luv: wait
alis_smith4luv: how many pic did u see there
US_guy: just one pic
alis_smith4luv: cos i have only 3 pic with me here
alis_smith4luv: ok
alis_smith4luv: i will send the 2
alis_smith4luv: well my name is alisa from millsboro, 5'8fth tall single heart broken... i am very sorry ...... i lost my family by car accident 7yrs ago while i was in texas three years ago..... came to delaware after i lost my family.......i have a sister shes in las vega but adrug you like to know about the recently heart broken that i had?
US_guy: yes I would
alis_smith4luv: I simple want someone to share it with. Family is very important to me as is the idea of marriage. I am searching for someone who shares the following qualities with me. Thoughtful, loving, goal oriented, along with sense of humor. I love to laugh and smile. I also love to read, cook, and travel. My interests are many.
alis_smith4luv: I am honest, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, easy going, romantic, soft-spoken and sensual. I'm romantic, caring, and much more! I'm "crazy" about all pets. espcially dogs and cats. I love nature and I like to travel. I like books and reading Bible .I'm looking for for a partner for life..are you the one?? Apperance is important but more importantly: Are you an honest, caring, loving guy??
US_guy: tell me why you are there
US_guy: yes I am
alis_smith4luv: i will love u to have mercy on me and help me outa of this mess cos right now u are my last hope and i have no place to go unless i come to you over there and start a new life with you i will be glad if you help me out of this and i will pay you back in whatever you want in return ok thanks for your interesting.
US_guy: ok
alis_smith4luv: I am sorry to tell you that really you sound so caring and i believe if we work in hand things are gon get on fine beetween us. but as i have said about my heart broken recently .
alis_smith4luv: it as brought me in sadness i cry everyday praying that one day i will get over this. i meet a guy which he use to be telling me that he care's not knowing that its a lier cheater thief heart broker. the basterd invited me over to his country in nigeria.
alis_smith4luv: u there
US_guy: yes. . and?
alis_smith4luv: and he stole everything the night we spend together in a hotel. I tought i will be able to find him cos i reported him the police so i waited for weeks unfortunately the police couldnt find him now i cant pay the hotel bills for the weeks i spent.
US_guy: ok. . . so what can I do to help?
alis_smith4luv: now the hotel has held down my passport and ticket cos i owe them the bill of $$$ i dont know how to pay that cos the basterd as stolen everything beloging to me, money, jewelries. so i dont think you are going to need me .
cos i am very sure that you need a woman you can meet today or next if i was at home in millsboro delaware, that would have been possible but right now at the moment the basterd i told you about earlier got me in mess.i am not in US.
US_guy: I understand that you are not here but I want to help you, I have the means to help you so just tell me what you need
alis_smith4luv: i will be happy if we really get into relationship, but i hope you understand that i am stucked in a hotel in this unknown country and if can be help to me to call the hotel and help me get out of here i will be pleased and i will never make you regret helping me cos i need someone truthfull like you are in my life.
US_guy: ok
alis_smith4luv: so what can u do to help me i ant u to help me get back to state thanks let me know if you still want me after all the mess i am intoI'm the type of person who would be willing to try everything once. That's how I ended up in here. This is my first time in africa and I promise it's my last.
alis_smith4luv: I have learned from my mistakes. This was a big wake up call for me. This place has made me realize a lot and opened my eyes for me before it got worse.
US_guy: ok. . . I understand. . I'm sorry that you are stuck in africa. just tell me how to help you and I will help, but I must ask you one thing
alis_smith4luv: like what??
US_guy: I'm a single man, I need a good woman to be true and honest and stay with me forever. are you that girl?
US_guy: did you send me the pictures?
alis_smith4luv: yes am also here looking for a good loving caring and honest man to start a new life with
alis_smith4luv: if i maybe able to get out of here
US_guy: I will get you out, will you be here to help me?
alis_smith4luv: how
US_guy: buy comming here and sharing you life with me together forever?
alis_smith4luv: well it up to u
alis_smith4luv: why do u want me
US_guy: ok. . so just tell me what I need to do to get you out of africa?
alis_smith4luv: what about ur wife
US_guy: because you are a young beautiful girl
alis_smith4luv: why do u want me
US_guy: I'm not married
alis_smith4luv: really
US_guy: yup
alis_smith4luv: do u stay alone
US_guy: yes,
US_guy: ok. . .so tell me how to get you out of there? do you need money?
alis_smith4luv: can u send it to my box
alis_smith4luv: i will send the pic
US_guy: sure, how much do you need?
alis_smith4luv: and u will send urs to reply back
alis_smith4luv: i know u just teasing me
US_guy: yes I will send you lots of pictures
alis_smith4luv: where are u from originally
US_guy: no I'm not, I never lie, and I trust that you will never lie to me
US_guy: I will need to go to bed soon, I have to work tomorrow
alis_smith4luv: ok
US_guy: how much money do you need? I just won a bunch of money at the slots in **** last night.
alis_smith4luv: money is nothinng baby
alis_smith4luv: am not after ur money
US_guy: I hit the jack pot on the $5 machine
alis_smith4luv: in need a real love
US_guy: it's just like found money
alis_smith4luv: u got cam]
US_guy: I know, I need real love too, but I just want to help you...
US_guy: no cam. . you have a cam?
alis_smith4luv: nope
alis_smith4luv: u know here is hotel
alis_smith4luv: and cam is not attach to the computer
US_guy: ok
alis_smith4luv: so the money am owing
alis_smith4luv: the hotel is
alis_smith4luv: $550
US_guy: ok, that's not that much money.
US_guy: where do you need the money sent?
US_guy: I won 4 times that much last night
alis_smith4luv: well i can get the manager information that u will use to send the money for u
alis_smith4luv: oh my god
US_guy: ok
alis_smith4luv: forget about that
alis_smith4luv: ok
US_guy: ok
US_guy: but I could send you the money and you could come home
alis_smith4luv: yeah
alis_smith4luv: the manager will give everything back to me
alis_smith4luv: as soon as the mon ey get paid
US_guy: so give me the info.
alis_smith4luv: ok
alis_smith4luv: gimmie 3min
alis_smith4luv: so i can it from the manager
US_guy: how should I send you the money? by mail?
US_guy: do you have an address there?
US_guy: do you have a phone that I can call you?
alisa : back
US_guy: good
alisa : so here is the information
US_guy: ok
ZIP CODE: 23401
As soon as you send the money the Hotel manager will need ur full name and the MTCN.
US_guy: ok. . i got it
US_guy: do you have a phone there?
alisa : no but u can call the hotel manager and tell him u wanna speak with me
alisa : ok
alisa : no but u can call the hotel manager and tell him u wanna speak with me
alisa : i dont have a phone with me here
US_guy: ok
US_guy: whats the number?
alisa : 002348053675745
US_guy: with the 00 first?
alisa : yeah
alisa : or +1 first
alisa : the dial the number
US_guy: will you tell me about your home in Del?
alisa : tell him u wanna speak with alisa smith in room 61b
alisa : what do u wanna know about that
US_guy: should I call now?
US_guy: how long have you been there?
alisa : yeah if u can call now
alisa : i wil like to hear ur voice
alisa : 3weeks ago
US_guy: how much will the call cost me?
alisa : what call
US_guy: is your hotel near the marina?
US_guy: or near Victroia Island?
US_guy: I have been to lagos nigeria, what is the name of your hotel?
alisa : nopp
alisa : maco hotel plaza
alisa : akowonjo road
alisa : ikeja lago
alisa : s
US_guy: muritala airport in lagos are you close to that?
alisa : wat
alisa : why are u asking all this question
alisa : where are u from
US_guy: I told you where I'm from
alisa : ok u promise u will send ur pic to me
alisa : where is it now
US_guy: I didn't get your yet???
alisa : is a lie
alisa : is there
alisa : i sent it now
US_guy: I didn't get it, and I never lie. . . NEVER
US_guy: THIS IS MY TRAVEL AGENT . . do you know him?
alisa : i know that ur not from us
alisa : the way ur talking to me
US_guy: I'm from the usa. .
US_guy: whats wrong?
US_guy: I will call you now. . ok
alisa : ok
( I called the number and the guy that answered had no clue what I was talking about)

US_guy: the guy that answered the phone does not know you?
US_guy: he asked me how I got his number
alisa : who
alisa : u mean the hotel manager
US_guy: I guess
alisa : can u call back pls
US_guy: will you tell him I'm calling
alisa : ok i will
alisa : call back ok
US_guy: now?
alisa : yeah
alisa : i am going there
( I called again and the same guy answers and knows everything, says the girl owes him $550 and I can't talk to her until he gets the money, I’m thinking it might be hard to fake an American woman’s voice)
US_guy: he wont let me talk to you
US_guy: he is a mean nasty man
US_guy: he wont let me talk to you
alisa : am just coming back from there
alisa : i heard all what is saying
alisa : why is it doing that
alisa : why is it doing that
alisa : he
US_guy: I told him that I would not pay the money unless he let me talk to you
US_guy: he said you can call me from the airport
alisa : ok
alisa : that is cool
US_guy: no it's not
alisa : but
alisa : u know am here sufering too much
US_guy: I'm afraid that you will be staying there, because I'm not sending any money
US_guy: why wont he let me talk to you?
alisa : i dont know
alisa : why do u say u will not help me
US_guy: can you tell me the capitol of delaware?
US_guy: ?
US_guy: you have 20 seconds before i disconnect
US_guy: 10
US_guy: 9
US_guy: 8
US_guy: 7
US_guy: 6
US_guy: 5
US_guy: 4
US_guy: 3
US_guy: 2
US_guy: 1
US_guy: 0
US_guy: times up
US_guy: r u here?
alisa : what are u talking about
alisa : why do u do this
US_guy: if you are from delaware tell me the capitol?
US_guy: now....
US_guy: i didn't think so
alisa : dover
US_guy: right
US_guy: I'm impressed
alisa : why do u ask that
alisa : have ever been there beore
alisa : before
US_guy: yes I have many times
US_guy: have you?
alisa : but am from delaware
US_guy: ok, what is the name of the race track in dover?
alisa : race track
US_guy: yes a big track where they race cars and horses
US_guy: what is the name?
alisa : almost 5:37am
US_guy: i know what time it is
US_guy: answer the question
alisa : international speedwayhi there how are u doing today hope u are doing good.(this is where he is talking to someone else and made a mistake)
international speedway
alisa : dover
US_guy: it is dover downs
US_guy: it is called the monster mile
alisa : yeah its dover down international speedway
alisa : downs has become firmly established as nascars flagship track in
US_guy: you dont speak like an american. . . you speak like an african
alisa : how
US_guy: but I will tell you this, it was a good try and now I will tell you that I will notify the FBI with all of the info that you gave me
alisa : what info
US_guy: and the phone number
alisa : what for
US_guy: so that others will not fall prey to your fraud
US_guy: ok,
alisa : why are u saying this to me
alisa : what the hell are u talking about
US_guy: because I think that you are a liar
alisa : nobody above mistake
alisa : put ur self in my shoe
US_guy: I dont think that you have been truthful with me
alisa : i know how u feel about this i wont hurt u
alisa : i know it is not easy to just send money to someone u never meet or see in person before
US_guy: tell me this. . . how are you going to get out of there, you dont have any money for plane fare?
alisa : it had to beleive
US_guy: if you pay the hotel $550 you wont have any money to fly home
alisa : u will never regret of helping me out of here
alisa : i am telling u the truth
US_guy: answer the question
US_guy: and I didn't get the pic's either
alisa : i have my return ticket
US_guy: what airlines?
alisa : but the hotel manager has seized everything
alisa : klm
US_guy: and what airport will you fly home too?
US_guy: come on. .
US_guy: are you searching the net for an answer?
alisa : u mean when i get out of here
US_guy: yes where will you land here in usa?
US_guy: dover or saulsbury? (I was baiting him, neither is an international airport)
alisa : delaware
alisa : new castle airport
US_guy: ok
US_guy: where is that? I dont know it?
US_guy: answer one more question but you must be very fast with your answer ok?
US_guy: ok?
US_guy: r u ready?
US_guy: k?
alisa : authority s first airport new castle airport in the drba s lagest air facility (sounds like this is right off the net)
US_guy: americans dont talk like that. . . we dont say facility
alisa : ok what do say
US_guy: why dont you just come clean, and tell me the truth
alisa : look i dont know what u want me to do
US_guy: answer one quick question. . ok?
alisa : i am telling u the truth but u dont beleive ,me
US_guy: how long did you live in delaware?
US_guy: did you ever go to the casino's in delaware?
alisa : i was in delaware but my mum too me to texas
alisa : took
US_guy: ok
US_guy: did you ever go to the casino's in delaware?
alisa : 3 years ago
alisa : came back to delaware after i lost my family
US_guy: ok
alisa : nope
US_guy: never gambled at the casino's?
US_guy: ?
US_guy: what r u doing? answer?
US_guy: I leaving now, tired of playing this game
alisa : i am not playing game with
alisa : u
alisa : am just tired of all this question
US_guy: will you answer quickly
alisa : but u can continue ASKING
US_guy: what is del. sales tax?
US_guy: last question
US_guy: promise
US_guy: answer?
US_guy: now
US_guy: it's an easy question
US_guy: answer
alisa : u want to kill me
US_guy: it''s easy
US_guy: you should know
US_guy: you wont find it on the net
US_guy: everyone in the usa knows the answer
US_guy: answer
US_guy: oh please
alisa : Delaware sales and use taxes, including drop shipments, exemptions, returns,
mergers and acquisitions, nexus and doing business, audits and protests
US_guy: pick one 5% or 6%( I’m baitng him again)
US_guy: you have a good chance
US_guy: 5 or 6?
US_guy: just pick one
alisa : deaware does not assess a sales tax on consumers. •, The state does, however,
impose a tax on the gross receipts of most businesses
US_guy: congratulations. . . you found it on the net
US_guy: the answer is 0
alisa : what do u mean
alisa : found what on the net
US_guy: good night and I hope you have better luck with the next sucker. . .
alisa : Sales Tax All states except Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon,collect sales taxes. Some have a single rate throughout the state though
alisa : goodnight
alisa : i know god will help me
alisa : bye

US_guy: I dont think god helps thieves and crooks, I think you will rot in hell

alisa has signed out. (11/3/2005 12:07 AM)

alisa has signed back in. (11/3/2005 12:09 AM)

alisa : believe me
alisa : i swear to god
alisa : i dont know what to do
US_guy: you better find another screen name cause this will be no more good by tomorrow
alisa : if i have anyting i can do to make u believe me
alisa : i will
US_guy: I tried that but you can’t answer a few simple questions
alisa : ok
alisa : but why
alisa : why me oh lord
alisa : well
US_guy: this is funny
alisa : do whatever u wanna do
US_guy: you just dont quit do ya?
alisa : ok
alisa : i am going
US_guy: sure you are"


  1. Can I get some advise what to do after being taken advantage on a Lagos Nigerian scammer. Yes I have sent money and now realize this has to be a scam.. please add the name Michael Parks email

  2. It Would appear Daniels Still Opperating Kate Nelson Daniels . kerry cole " i'll love something most in my life and that's noting but honeslty and i love the Lord first in my life cus i believe tht with him all thing's shall surly be.." (perhaps he will be struck down for such blasphemy! )..... WELL ADD THIS EmaiL As At 1st AUG 2013, I WAS Being Groomed by this SCAMer, Under The Same Storey as The Previous Post, with minor variations Copied and Pasted, Look at the Dates Daniel's Back in Business Via, FACE BOOK & Google:.."I am a 27 year old single white female that has never been married, I was born and raised in winter haven, Florida. I'm a native america and 100 % cherokee tribe, I am in Nigeria currently, I lost my Dad when i was o send her some money in advance (never do that!)...................
    . ..........VERY SIMILAR STORY Except I was Approached By Marry Kate Cole, Until I noticed A Like Simbol on the chat history Then All Her Replies Disappeared, A few Hours Later She Reappeared on Face Book as Kate Cole, I was Suss very early and Played the game To See How far I could Get Her Too Go! Remember every Bit of Info, Email Address's copy them before they delete them, I use the Snipping Tool,Or Print the conversation, The only Difference Same Story except... This Is The Conversation Except the First Bit when the Scammer Deleted the Conversation as Marry Kate Cole, And Came Back AS Kate Cole: I'm Wayne:
    Conversation started Wednesday

  3. PART #2
    12:03am Wayne
    Did you see the photo I sent you.?
    12:03am Kate Cole
    I want you to know that you mean so much to me. From the first day we met, you were determined to get to know me. At first, I was skeptical about you because of your persistence, but you quickly grew on me. I want you to know that every moment we’ve spent together since that first day holds a special place in my heart
    12:04am Kate Cole
    yes i really love the pic
    12:11am Wayne
    I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first also Ive never had any body send me a Questionaire some one posted a thing on FB that said" Relationship's are not a test So why Cheat" I believe its best to get it all on the table up front So there are no surprises or misled feelings.
    12:14am Kate Cole
    12:19am Wayne
    I want to know everything about You..! I have so much to share with you. A lot of people would be put off by putting it all out there upfront, Ive done that before and its killed it in its tracks. I was not put off by your upfront approach , I understand, I get it, Because I believe in the same Thing
    12:24am Kate Cole
    i will like to find a like minded male, open minded as well as down to the earth who like to enjoy life to the fullest, where we can participate in activities together and encourage each other and pursue our interest.
    12:30am Wayne
    As we are both Gemini's and Air signs, our Quest to find our twin Soul Mate is a driving force. Don't get me wrong I don't believe in predicting the future I do believe it gives you an insight into the make up of a persons personality and has run true for me from my observations.
    12:33am Kate Cole
    i am optimistic person with the sense of humor, fairly easy going,and i don't think am too critical about things, but i also believe it takes two people contributing to a
    relationship to make it work well.
    Cont ...PART #2

  4. 12:37am Wayne
    I am honored to be in a relationship with you can I have your permission to change my status to read in a relationship with Kate Cole
    12:44am Kate Cole
    well, i am not wealthy, and i don't accept someone to deceive me or play me, coz am serious and ready for long term relationship on here..... and with your status that you want to change... i think thats good and am going to change mine also as been in relationship with you but all i want is to make it real with me and make me happy and plan for our meet soon
    1:02am Kate Cole
    you there?
    1:02am Wayne
    You said believe in Love, I have So much to share with You, I ended my earlier post with to be continued. I am not wealthy either at this time, I have been in the past and I've been so broke I've gone with out food for three days so my daughter would not miss a meal, Money is not my motivating factor, My motivating factor is working hard for the One's I love, And I get Abundant reward I've been Broke(temporary) but never Poor (Eternal) In the Last 2 Years I've lost over 1 million dollars but that's a bargan price to meet you. But it answers a lot for me
    1:06am Kate Cole
    hmmmmmm..... am waiting for you to change your status then and i will change mine also
    1:08am Wayne
    I'm trying how do I do that
    Cont...Part 3

  5. PART#3
    1:09am Kate Cole
    you mean you dont know how to do it on here?
    1:13am Wayne
    I've worked it out I think
    1:16am Kate Cole
    i just accept it on here and it says we are in an open relationship on here...ok
    you can check my profile to confirm
    1:26am Wayne
    it says we are in a relationship
    1:27am Kate Cole
    yes it says here also
    1:29am Wayne
    I just recieved a phone call
    1:30am Kate Cole
    from where?
    1:31am Wayne
    from my mate at the boat yard
    1:32am Kate Cole
    hope there is no problem Wayne
    1:37am Wayne
    no its all good he is just returning my call earlier
    Sorry interuptions
    There is a lot to tell you to fill in the gaps but things have started to turn around at last and your timing is perfect I have new motivation to doit for Us.
    1:43am Kate Cole
    what are did you want to tell me Wayne?
    what did you wanna tell me Wayne?
    1:51am Wayne
    From where I stopped before Part 2 covers the last 6 years when Kohdi was born until now, there is so much to tell you and I will take the time when I can to share it with you but I need to have time to do that I have to go back to work in 2 hours, Is there any Q You have I can answer now?
    1:54am Kate Cole
    but its late here already 1:53AM and you said youre going to work again
    i mean its already late there?
    i would like to spend the rest of my life been in love with you, though i know its not easy to come across true love this days but i choose you to be my head
    2:01am Wayne
    Just noticed did you delete the 7 guys in your friends list. I don't mind you having male friends I trust you , I'm not a jelous person by nature, I trust You and I expect you to trust me, I assure you I am a 1 woman man, If you assure me its ok, Thats gospel to me.!!!
    2:07am Kate Cole
    though love come from a pure heart and a good conscience, and a sincere is not easy to come across right person this days, though the world love is hard to find , but when you come across the right person that your heart desire and need to settle with you ain't gonna regret, that's why am looking for someone special, i believe a t relationship to help it grow and become all you wish to be
    2:09am Kate Cole
    well, i did delete them on my page coz i don't know them and they sent me a request on here and i dont want any intruder since your'e taking it down with me on here.....ok
    2:22am Wayne
    We both have a lot at stake here, The ever present risk of getting hurt , I believe the benefit of finding true love and a life of team work to be the best that we can be as one, outweighs the risk 1000 to 1 , I am an unfinished work of art, You complete me and I trust It is my quest to please you completely
    2:23am Kate Cole
    2:25am Wayne
    2:26am Kate Cole
    tell me what do you want me to be calling you on here ?
    2:28am Wayne
    All the Time..!!! HaHa
    2:28am Kate Cole
    2:28am Kate Cole
    2:30am Wayne
    Honey I'm Bursting with emotion Happy
    2:31am Kate Cole
    me too darling
    its 2:30 am there where are you and what are you doing right now?
    2:33am Wayne
    I'm at my pc talking to a beautiful woman
    2:33am Kate Cole
    smile.... i love you and i really love the way you talk on here darling
    2:35am Wayne
    Darling If I'm dreaming don't wake Me.!!!!
    2:36am Kate Cole
    smile.... ok
    you complete me darling and am so happy today
    2:38am Wayne
    If I examined my heart to day the light is on baby
    2:42am Kate Cole
    Thank you for loving me the way no one can,you understand me and you know how to make things right, you'll never know how just much i love you but i will spend the rest of my days trying to show you... i love you for all eternity.
    2:48am Wayne
    2:50am Kate Cole
    2:51am Wayne
    I know nobody is perfect, I was trying to send you a poem I wrote a few years ago
    Cont... part #4

  6. PART #4
    2:52am Kate Cole
    woww.. just cant wait to read it darling
    i love reading
    2:55am Wayne
    Im trying to find it so I can copy & Paste
    2:56am Kate Cole
    ok darling i will be glad if you can get it send
    am waiting darling
    3:00am Wayne
    What is an ANGEL
    An ANGEL is a friend ~Whos there but out of site,
    An ANGEL takes good care of You ~When things arn't going rite,
    They're Always watching over you~And Help You sleep at night,
    They come in many colours ~But Usually Its White...!!!
    An ANGEL brings harmony ~Through Turbulence & Strife,
    They're Alwasys there to Guide You ~ To-wards Abundant Life,
    An ANGEL helps You Understand ~Though at the Time ~ It May seem Strange
    Some-things Some-times Are Nessasary ...!!! ~To bring About A CHANGE,
    So Look for Your GUARDIAN ANGEL ~ I promise YOU they ARE REAL
    Forever Watching Over YOU and Know Just HOW YOU FEEL....!!!
    C Wayne 2008
    .3:04am Kate Cole
    tears on my face
    3:04am Kate Cole
    3:07am Wayne
    I wrote that to you 5 years ago only I didn't know it because our paths were destined to join
    3:08am Kate Cole
    thats a very nice and reasonable poem darling.... youre my angel
    The book of Proverbs 31- 10:11... says.. when one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. her husband entrusting his heart to her, as unfailing prize
    and the book of of MARK 10- 2:16 further says that... so they are no longer two but one flesh. therefore what God has joined together, no human being must separate.
    3:26am Wayne
    A mere formality
    3:28am Kate Cole
    a few hours i spent here with you, are worth thousand i spent without you.
    3:36am Wayne
    If I had one regret was that I didn't meet you earlier although years of loneliness has given me the gift of appreciation, "Everything in Life Comes with a lesson and a Gift"
    3:36am Kate Cole
    yes youre rite my love
    an di thank God for meeting you on here
    WAYNE my love... there are three things that remain- FAITH,HOPE,AND LOVE.. but the greatest of these is LOVE
    3:46am Wayne
    I only hope I'm worthy of such a precious Angel gift from God , Great responsibility
    3:47am Kate Cole
    May the Lord bless you and keep you. may his light always with you. may he keep you safe from harm, and shield you from all wrong. may he grant you his peace. may he guide you on your way, and bring you joy with each new day.
    i have to leave here to be able to cook for dinner for mom, and so you also can sleep a little before going work tomorrow darling .its 3:48AM there... rite
    3:55am Kate Cole
    hi you there?
    talk to me darling coz i have to leave right now to cook dinner..ok
    talk to me Wayne
    7:47am Wayne
    hu baby
    7:48am Kate Cole
    good morning
    7:50am Wayne
    Im drv truck in traffic
    7:51am Kate Cole
    ok darling
    7:59am Wayne
    just know im here 4U
    8:02am Kate Cole
    how was your night darling? it says 8:02AM there
    8:06am Wayne
    i fell asleep
    Cont.......PART #5

  7. PART #5
    8:09am Kate Cole
    yes i know darling.... plz dont stress much yourself
    yes i know... plz can you tell me more about your job?
    8:21am Kate Cole
    darling, can you tell me more about your job?
    8:39am Wayne
    i drive a semi trailer i own my own truck but im driving for someone else
    8:41am Kate Cole
    ok darling, but why are you driving someone else truck when you already had one?
    8:49am Wayne
    18months ago I lost everything, house,business,even my daughter her mother kidnapt her to avoid paying me child support I cared for Kohdi from birth
    8:53am Kate Cole
    hmmm... so how is Kohdi doing... but how is it been driving for another person darling?... he is he paying you well?
    9:01am Wayne
    It has been a desert no work its just started to turn arround now
    I lost a $400,000 a year contract over this goes to court in 2 weeks
    9:06am Kate Cole
    i have been telling my mom about you but i finally break it down for her that we are now dating and that you'll take me down there with you soon, she was happy and which to hear from you soon, and maybe when am on here tomorrow she will be here saying HI
    9:07am Wayne
    sorry its hard to type and drive we will build it back together and more Ill make it happen 4 U honey
    9:10am Kate Cole
    did you mean you've been text driving with me since been on here darling?
    9:22am Wayne
    are you there?
    9:23am Kate Cole
    yes am right on here darling
    9:27am Wayne
    your last reply disappeard
    9:28am Kate Cole
    9:29am Wayne
    face Bugs haha
    9:30am Kate Cole
    where are you and what are you doing my love?
    9:31am Wayne
    9:33am Kate Cole
    do you find it so easy to be text driving or don't you think its dangerous for you darling?
    9:38am Wayne
    9:40am Kate Cole
    plz be very careful... have you eaten your breakfast darling today?
    9:41am Wayne
    not yet
    9:43am Kate Cole
    ok darling
    9:44am Wayne
    I love you
    9:45am Kate Cole
    i love you too darling
    9:53am Wayne
    I dont feel lonely any more
    9:56am Kate Cole
    you complete me, you mean the world to me, your'e the best thing that has ever happened to me. you are the one i have always wished for.i never thought i will meet someone special like you on here, i love each and every moment i shared with you darling...
    10:12am Wayne
    you have restored my faith in the world and given me hope I have been through the valley of death the last few years when I looked in the sand I only saw 1 set of foot prints you have shown me God never left me, he was carring me.!!! to you I love you
    10:19am Kate Cole
    WAYNE, i wish that you were here, or i were there, or that we were together anywhere.
    10:22am Wayne
    me 2 be strong
    10:22am Kate Cole
    i cant wait to be right down there with you and cuddling me all around darling
    10:31am Wayne
    heres a hug honey
    10:34am Kate Cole
    i just want to hug you but you're some miles away from me what i wouldn't do for a hug... i want you, i need you, and i love you so much.
    10:41am Wayne
    Me 2 tell me more about you
    10:44am Kate Cole
    well, am the only child of my parent, am simple minded, loving and caring young lady, who always believe in the word of Almighty God.
    Cont...PART #6

  8. PART...#6
    10:58am Wayne
    11:11am Kate Cole
    and am ready to establish a long term relationship with you,and also think that i have a lot to offer you in the way of our relationship, and i know i have a lot to share with you that we be of interest to you and even something that we surprise you... i am very much a woman of substance, and am very unique in today's society because i live my life through my spirituality, and through the words of God, and i have such a strong understanding of what i feel my role in life is supposed to be.I am a woman of integrity and my word is my honor.
    11:27am Wayne
    tell me about your history where were you born how your parents met
    11:36am Kate Cole
    i was born and brought up in Sarasota Florida, and i don't think i can tell you how they met but what i heard was that they both met at Yonkers NY. and can you tell me more about yourself too?/
    11:40am Wayne
    what time is it where you are?am or pm I sent you that long msg and Im getting to part 2 Ive told you a lot this morning Ive just finished work until midnight to night
    11:42am Kate Cole
    its 2:41AM here
    11:44am Wayne
    sorry babe I shood let you sleep and Ill be here when you wake
    11:46am Kate Cole
    ok darling i will check on here for you when i awake then
    11:50am Wayne
    good night sweet heart xxx ooo xxx I love you
    11:53am Kate Cole
    good night my love
    11:54am Wayne
    Thank You
    6:34pm Wayne
    My Baby is Sleeping I wish I were next to Her watching Her Sleep, Caressing Her Cheek, watching Her breast rise and fall with every breath just waiting for the first second Her eyes open and brighten the morning Sun
    7:09pm Wayne
    Just waiting with great antisipation for the the Little green dot to appear next to my babies name......waiting.......waiting......
    8:19pm Wayne
    Good Morning Honey...Happy Happy Happy
    8:27pm Kate Cole
    Morning darling

    8:28pm Wayne
    Scroll back to when you went to sleep I left you my Thoughts while you slept
    8:29pm Kate Cole
    What a lovely words darling and I just can't wait to meet you soon
    8:33pm Wayne
    My friends have been Liking our Relationship Post They can't wait to meet You
    8:34pm Kate Cole
    Yes I saw it on here darling so how soon did you want me there with you?
    8:35pm Wayne
    Yesterday will be fine we don't want to rush things
    8:36pm Kate Cole
    You're rite my love
    Where are you and what are you doing right now my dear?
    8:39pm Wayne
    I'm at home in front of the PC Like a child opening their gifts on Christmas morning
    8:41pm Kate Cole
    Woww... How was work with you and have you eaten your dinner?
    8:42pm Wayne
    I cooked Ranch style Chicken with a Brichetta side salad
    8:43pm Kate Cole
    Nice food and how I wish I am right down there to cook your best ditches for you my love
    8:46pm Wayne
    My friend Marc Just Sent me a message "Good Sort Wayne She Has Beautiful Eyes" and Asked me If You have a Sister...! HeHe
    8:47pm Kate Cole
    No I don't but I have a friend
    8:48pm Wayne
    I'll pass on the Msg honey
    8:48pm Kate Cole
    I want to tell you something darling
    8:49pm Wayne
    Honey I'm listening
    Cont...Part #7

  9. PART #7
    8:50pm Kate Cole
    Tomorrow Friday 2nd of August is my mom birthday
    8:54pm Wayne
    Happy Birthday Mom, That makes Her A LEO, Strong and Protective, Proud and careing, Very much a Royal Queen.
    8:54pm Kate Cole
    Smile... Thank you darling
    She is here asking what would you send to her as a gift..... She smile
    9:01pm Wayne
    A Voucher to Get Her Hair Done, Its a Leo Thing they Love their Hair, Its a Lion Thing something to do with a lions main, The Full Pamper treatment works a treat for a royal Queen
    9:01pm Kate Cole
    Darling, I guess it would be better if you can send her money, so that I can help get her some stuff... Ok
    9:05pm Wayne
    What would You get Her?
    9:05pm Kate Cole
    Whatever you want me to get her darling
    9:06pm Wayne
    What dose she need.?
    9:08pm Kate Cole
    Maybe a frame with her pic and right our name as been presented by Mr and Mrs Wayne. Or what did you think darling
    9:12pm Wayne
    That would Be a Nice gift for next Birthday Unless You can Email Yourself to Me,
    9:14pm Kate Cole
    I don't understand what you mean by e mail myself to you darling
    9:18pm Wayne
    Her birthday is tomorrow yes How can we get get married by to morrow Snail Mail would take to long for You to get Here, Email is Instant.
    9:21pm Kate Cole
    I understand but I think you can get the money send to her through money transfer for me to get her the frame tomorrow morning darling.
    And when I get down there with you we can then go to the registry for our marriage and leave happily together as husband and wife.
    9:25pm Wayne
    Whats the currency there.?
    9:25pm Kate Cole
    9:27pm Wayne
    whats the address or Account details
    9:28pmKate Cole
    Here are the information you'll be needed to get it send darling.
    Are you with pen there?
    9:34pm Wayne
    yes go
    9:34pm Kate Cole
    ZIP CODE: 23401
    Darling, you can send it through Money transfer.... Ok
    So that I can get it for her early tomorrow morning as our gift to her on her birthday
    9:41pm Wayne
    How many naira dose it cost for a frame there
    9:43pm Kate Cole
    I don't know darling but 250$ will do it all I guess
    9:44pm Wayne
    Is that Naira 250 or Aud 250
    9:46pm Kate Cole
    Aud 250 and we can get it convert to Naira here darling
    9:48pm Wayne ( White Lie of course)
    Whats going on I Just had a message come up on FB Saying This is the FBI we are Tracking This Conversation. WTF
    9:50pm Kate Cole
    Yes I think its necessary, just for our safety darling
    So, when are you sending it darling?
    9:55pm Wayne
    Its not that easy
    9:57pm Kate Cole
    I know darling, but I want to know when you'll send it for me to get her the frame. Ok
    9:58pm Wayne
    What trans fer place do you have their
    9:59pm Kate Cole
    Western Union or Money gram
    10:05pm Wayne
    I'll have to find a western union place.? then be able to park a Semi trailer and fit in with my work besides I dont get paid until tomorrow afternoon
    10:05pm Kate Cole
    Ok darling
    10:08pm Wayne
    Put a photo up of your Mother and you to gether
    10:08pm Kate Cole
    I will do that soon darling
    10:09pm Wayne
    I can wait
    10:09pm Kate Cole
    Internet is slow but it will get sent soon.. Ok
    10:12pm Wayne
    If I said I did not believe You I think this is all a Scam what would you say..?
    10:14pm Kate Cole
    Well, am not on here to scam or to cheat on a man...
    Am real for you but why did you say that to me darling?
    You can send me your phone number to call you then for you to know am not what you think darling
    Cont..PART #8

  10. PART ...#8
    10:24pm Kate Cole
    this is me and my mom darling
    10:30pm Kate Cole
    did you get the pic i sent to you darling?
    10:38pm Kate Cole
    Are you there?
    10:42pm Wayne (one Girl described her self as Blue eyed, Her Pic had Brown)
    Because Ive been suspicious since the beginning, The day you contacted me I had several other Young attractive Girls claiming to be from Sarasota now living in Nigeria all most the same storey Line as You, Some of your pronunciations are not correct if you were raised in USA, A they just aird a Program on Tv about Just such a Scam besides $250.00 is far more than a frame costs x 0.007 @2 million Its a Shame Really because I'm a genuine person and besides I dont have the money at this point in time if you read the Emails you would understand that, If you are genuine then your Mum will understand no present I will make it up to Her 100 times over in the Future, Besides I don't send money to people I don't Know Your Mom will understand that If I am to care for Her Daughters Interest for the Future, Like I said Ive Lost over equivilant to 1oo billion Nairn but things are turning around.
    10:55pm Kate Cole
    Wayne, i want you to know that to love someone is to understand each other, to smile with your heart and to trust one another but one important thing is to let each other go if you cant do this...ok... though i respect your ideal.. coz there are some gold diggers who lied in the name of love to get money from men on here.... but i want you to believe me and trust me.. am who i am and i will never lie to a man just because of money on here.
    10:56pm Kate Cole
    you can send me your mobile number on here so that i can call you... for you to know am real and not fake.
    10:58pm Wayne
    In Proverbs it says " Trust in God but tie up your Horses" Or You can send me a No and Ill call You
    10:59pm Kate Cole
    i told you my phone is not working here...
    11:09pm Wayne
    I have asked several times for you to give me your complete History you have avoided doing So, Ive sent you a very detailed History about Me Every word is True you can check it out, I would still like to believe in You If your Genuine you will be a very lucky Lady indeed " For Richer or Poorer in sickness and Health, Till Death do us part."
    11:15pm Kate Cole
    i have told you all about myself on here and be specific and tell me what exactly you wanna know more about me and i am ready to tell you the truth.
    11:25pm Kate Cole
    Wayne, i want you to know that to be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. for you can love many but without trust you have nothing. The heart already knows what the mind can only dream of. I want you to trust your heart and you said in your message that some of my pronunciations are not correct.... i want you to expatiate on that.
    Cont..Part #9

  11. PART......... #9
    11:26pm Wayne
    The Problem is my day is coming in about 10 days, The problem Is I've LOST A 750.000 Home, 400.000 a year contract for my Truck and Had my Daughter Kiddnapped by Her Mother. She walked away with a 470.000 dollar Unit , 80.000 in Supa, Loosing the Contract with the Rail has had a Huge Effect on Me I was left with no source of Income, This country has been under a Labour GovT Financial Vandals Running the Country, The Global Financial Crisis has had a major effect Its been an Uphill climb to turn the situation around for 20 months its just happening Now
    11:27pm Wayne
    Sorry Should Read Ive Lost
    11:33pm Kate Cole
    Wayne, am not on here begging for a relationship... you have the right to choose... ok and if you think its not going to work out for us maybe we should let it go.... God will provide the right woman for you soon and am at my tender age, so am not in a hurry for any relationship on here
    11:34pm Kate Cole
    Good day (She went off line)
    11:44pm Wayne
    I have Ask nothing of You but to Love Me for who I am, Not what I own, The GREATEST TEST OF LOVE is can You love Me if I Have Nothing Just the Same If I were RICH beyond Your Wildest Dreams ... The Question is one only You can Answer SEX can be bought, But True Love can only be given away freely, Sex with out Love is DEAD, SEX with LOVE gives LIFE
    11:44pm Wayne Blanch
    Where Do You Stand......?
    Choose an emoticon.
    Even After Being Caught I managed to Keep Her Going She WAS still trying to convince Me She was The REAL DEAL Its SICK, How Far These Scum will Go..........Just Before I blocked and Reported and Deleted I sent This Message:
    Last Word" Its Tragic That VERMON Prey on Innocent People It SPOILS it FOR the GENUINE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD" You have No Idea what You have Lost BYE.

    REGARDS Wayne

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